Best Male Sex Toy

Best Blowjob Toy – The Autoblow

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When it comes to blowjob toys, there is only one easily affordable quality toy that will suck you off automatically – the Autoblow. Yes, there are a number of very cheap ‘blowjob immitators’ that are really just male strokers in the shape of a woman’s mouth. But the whole thing about a blowjob is that it is hands free and passive – you lie back and let a girl pleasure YOU. The Autoblow is the only toy under $100 that comes close to mimicking this, in my opinion. $100 might seem an outlay, but the Autoblow is built to last and will serve you time and time again. It even comes with adjustable speed.

banner 110

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Best Fleshlight Girl – Riley Steele

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Riley Steele is my favourite Fleshlight girl vagina, and many other guys too. And it’s not difficult to see why. The tight nubile pussy of one of the most popular teenage pornstars on the planet has been immortalized and is yours to keep. Most people choose the Lotus interior for the Riley Steele vagina – a smooth, ultra-tight entrance which blossoms into a wider canal. Combined with the genuine replica of Riley’s pussy lips, you are essentially fucking a teenage dream pornstar when you have your dick in this thing.

You can also purchase Riley Steele’s mouth, as well as her cute tight butt!

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Best Vibrating Cock Ring

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lelo odenLelo Oden Vibrating Cock Ring ($149)

From the world’s best manufacturers of luxury sex toys comes the ultimate vibrating cock ring for men – the Lelo Oden.

Not only does the design of the Lelo Oden ooze style and class, it’s also packed with the latest in advanced sex toy features.  The vibrator inside the deliciously shaped cock ring is fully re-chargeable.  The vibrator has no less than six variable vibration patterns.  But the most impressive feature is the SenseMotion.  You can turn the Oden on and control the vibrations through motion gesture – just a flick of the wrist or  hand!

The Lelo Oden can be used as an advanced solo masturbation toy, or as the ultimate luxury sex toy for couples.

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Best Realistic Love Doll

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The most awesomely realistic love dolls are unsurprisingly made in Japan, but now you can order them from anywhere in the world.  Such works of art do not come cheap, however, and the best and most realistic of them cost close to $10,000 to buy.  These premium silicone love dolls are for those who not only take masturbation seriously, but who are actually looking for a substitute sexual partner.  These dolls are arguably more beautiful than any woman on Earth, with three realistic holes that you can fuck to your hearts content, then go to sleep with your arms around her sweet body.

Top of the range is probably the famous Love Doll D body range.  You basically get to build your own dream girl, choosing from a variety of beautiful faces and even eye color and hair color/style.  Click on the images below to read more.

love doll d


If you’re not prepared to pay 5 figures for a sex doll, but still want to enjoy a realistic Japanese doll, then a good alternative are the new Japanese plush dolls.  Plush is a much cheaper material that is cuddly and yet still firm.  They’re obviously not as realistic looking as the best silicone dolls, but are much more life-like than any inflatable doll and come with 100% Japanese cuteness.  Click here to read more about plush dolls.


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Best Prostate Vibrator – Mangasm Buzz

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mangasm buzzMangasm Buzz ($62)

The Mangasm Buzz is our choice as the best prostate vibrator for men.  This is a highly competitive category, and the competition is close, but for us, the Mangasm Buzz is the most exciting new prostate vibrator in town and priced at only $62 we feel you can’t go wrong choosing this toy.

This is a superbly shaped silicone prostate stimulator that has no less than 5 vibration modes powered by its internal bullet vibrator.

What’s special about the Mangasm Buzz are the multiple ripples that when combined with its uniquely curved tip and powerful vibration modes make up for a truly intense experience at a really bargain price.

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Best Prostate Sex Toy

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Uncategorized

Picking the best prostate sex toy isn’t an easy task, because not only are there so many prostate toys available, there are a number of extremely good ones to choose from. Our vote goes to the Aneros Vice (click banner above for more details). The Aneros Vice is the most sophisiticated prostate vibrator yet made, in our opinion. It’s beautiful design and craftsmanship, the feel of the surface, and the multi-patterned powerful vibrator within it, all add up to the best prostate sex toy yet built.

However, there are several other premium prostate toys that won’t let you down. One brands that rivals Aneros for the quality of its prostate toys is Nexus. If you want an alternative prostate vibrator, the Nexus Vibro ($145) is an excellent pick. If you have money to spend on the most exclusive of luxury male sex toys, then the Lelo Earl ($999) is 18K gold of the most expensive prostate massager in the world.

Another highly recommended alternative is the new Mangasm range of prostate toys. They are already highly rated and gaining in popularity, and there are a number to choose from, ranging from simple prostate massager to vibrator.

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Best Realistic Ass

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Realistic AssBest Realistic Ass ($49.98)

A vagina and ass so realistic that you may mistake it for the real thing.  Believe me, when you’re humping this beautiful tight ass you really will forget that it’s not the real thing.

The best thing for me about a realistic ass toy like this is the fact that, as you’re going to be fucking it from behind anyway, it doesn’t really matter that there is no head or face.  And whereas some realistic body parts (such as torsos) are almost a bit creepy, humping a realistic ass just feels amazing.  For under $50 this is a steal.  If $3000 real dolls or Japanese love dolls are out of your range, but you want a similar sensation at an ultra budget price, then this is the realistic toy that I would recommend the most.

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Best Virtual Sex Toy

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Virtual sex toys are a very recent phenomenon, the good news is that male sex toys are taking the lead in this exciting new genre.  Our pick as the best virtual sex toy for men is the RealTouch from AEBN.

The RealTouch has been hailed as the world’s first virtual reality sex machine.  It allows you to have sex with your favourite pornstars over the internet.  It is actually a very advanced male masturbator that is controlled by software that synchronises its movements – such as it licking your penis – with the actions of prerecorded porn videos – for example, the porn actress licking the penis of her co-star.  A variety of sex acts can be simulated, from blowjobs, anal sex, to footjobs.

The RealTouch is now back in stock and can be ordered from AEBN for $249

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Best Automatic Male Sex Toy

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Automatic male sex toys run on electricity and are designed to do most of the work for you. Just slide your penis in to the toy, switch on, and your penis will be teased, tickled, sucked or fucked until you are ready to cum. The good news for men is that the number of such mechanical male masturbaters is constantly growing, and the quality and ingenuity of their design is also improving.

Cobra Libre Sex ToyThe Cobra Libre has been designed to resemble a stylish racing car.  The sleek and beautiful design hides a powerful and revolutionary new male vibrator that stimulates the penis head with its interior motors.  It doesn’t just look good – its clever design allows your penis to be masturbated in  a variety of ways through gentle pressure against the touch pad with your finger.

Not just our favourite automatic sex toy, but currently our recommendation as the best male sex toy you can buy.

Buy Cobra Libre – $139 from Babeland


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Best Fleshlight Toy

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Fleshlights, those portable fake vaginas in torch like cases, are still far and away the best selling male sex toys on the planet.   Recently, they’ve come under increased competition from companies such as Tenga, but their popularity and status as the best male sex toy doesn’t seem likely to be challenged in the public mind anytime soon.

Fleshlights are made from a unique artificial skin material called SuperSkin that feels and clings to your penis like a real vagina.  And it is the realism of the Fleshlight masturbators that makes them so popular.  Externally, they even look the most realistic out of all the fake vaginas on the market, and in fact, the ‘Fleshlight Girls’ range are anatomatically modelled on the actual pussies of famous porn actresses such as Riley Steele.  Each of these Fleshlights comes with a signed photograph of the girl you have ‘purchased’, but the real thrill of fucking these pornstar masturbators is watching a video clip of the girl being fucked while you are doing the same to her replica Fleshlight pussy.  This is where masturbation using sex toys starts to become even better than the real thing, or at least better than most average guys are likely to experience in the real world.

Fleshlights come with a variety of seven different interiors.  Each feels quite different to the other, so once you become a Fleshlight fan you might end up with quite a collection.  You can also choose different opening orifices such as pussy, mouth, and anal.

Fleshlights are easy to wash, they are portable, and with the added benefit of being rather discreet when housed in their torch like cases.  If you’re away in a hotel for a few days and unlikely to get laid, taking a Fleshlight with you is discreet and clean.  But most importantly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun for your dick.

So which is the best Fleshlight to buy?  If you’re looking for realism and the ‘virtual sex’ experience try one of the ever growing number of beautiful Fleshlight girls.  If you just want a Fleshlight then the Fleshlight Ice has become probably the most highly regarded amongst connoisseurs of this toy.  And you can even build your own Fleshlight, even down to choosing the colour of the Torch casing.

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